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South America


armed groups asking for the resignation of the president have been blocking roads, not letting oxygen tanks to go to the hospitals, because of that, people needing oxygen in hospitals have died

explanatory video


protected marine life is being captured threatening the biodiversity of the Galapagos protected zone and the International Community is doing nothing. The pandemic has also been a problem, health system is about to collapse due to the number of people with the virus.

galapagos crisis


Covid-19 pandemic has shown the problems in education access, health services and access and the lack of access to internet, Peru needs your help.

help peru
help the cleaning workers in Lima


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corruption, feminicides, extreme police violence, human traffic, drugs traffic, gangs, relations with the US, environmental problems, indigenous peoples violations and more have been going in Mexico for a long time and we have to at least inform ourselves of what's going on.

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the socio-political, humanitarian and economic crisis is making it impossible for Venezuelans to live a dignifying life. Some had left the country, some others are struggling everyday. Since 2010, one of the most important countries in South America has collapsed, with the trigger of democracy, the daily violation of human rights, the hyperinflation, no freedom of expression, the lack of opportunities and some other situations, Venezuela needs help.

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playas de falcón
Crisis in Venezuela Carrd

Please, if you see something proposing a military intervention in Venezuela DO NO SUPPORT IT


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Since October, the economic crisis, the lack of jobs, the violence against indigenous communities, the police brutality, the feminicides, the student crisis, and more are things that needs to be talked about. Chile is an example for the region, the protest in December raised questions on Human Rights safety and started a wave of protests in the region. We owe you tons chileans, and to help you all we need to talk about it.

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The change of government changed Brazil too. the government has not deal with COVID-19 because the president does not believe in it. The government is triggering the rights of indigenous populations to help the mining and energy industries. Black Lives Matter outside the USA too!

Fora garimpo, fora covid
BLM Brazil
Justice For Joāo Pedro
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corruption, daily killing of social leaders, lack of governability, the lack of guaranties for ex-combatants and victims, racism, lack of rights for vulnerable populations, crime, conflict, abuses from the army and the police, feminicides, violations of human rights and several other issues are now terrible for Colombian situation. In the past days, 14 youth and children, including black and indigenous people, where murdered in rural zones of the country, the government is doing nothing, the police is brutaly killing people.
Here is how you can help!

Colombian armed conflict carrd
the names of the ex combatants that has been killed so far
put in jail the military members that abused of a indigenous girl
Justice for Ardenson Arboleda
7 MILITARY MEN abused their power and raped a native 12 yrs old girl from Colombia.
Emergencia por feminicidios
sign the petition: emergencia por feminicidios
Outrage After 5 Black Teens Murdered Playing Outside
Seek Justice for Brutal Massacre of 5 Afro-Colombian Teenagers
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Justice for Javier
what's happening thread
What's happening thread


a silent crisis for the world, but the one we should be focusing on too. after the 2017 elections, there was a crisis that put in doubt the legitimacy of the democracy in the country. Corruption, feminicides, fake threatments for COVID, a code where if you criticize the government you could be targeted as a terrorist and several more issues are now in the focus.

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Central America


15 years of dictatorship, corruption, unlawful killings, no freedom of expression, missinformation and COVID are some of the issues that we can know about Nicaragua.

in 2018 people took the streets, the protests ended up being really violent after the intervention of the police.

Some things about the violation of Human Rights
church was burned, they suspect is not an accident
Human Rights Watch Report on Nicaragua
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Stop the Nicaraguan government from forcing families from their homes


gender based quarantine, police abuses, fake news involving a former president, doctors are protesting because of the lack of guaranties, despite the pandemic students are also protesting. A lot more things are going on, so lets help Panama.

What's happening in Panama, thread
ask the president to do something

Puerto Rico

natural dissasters, earthquackes, storms and floods, but nobody talks about it. Puerto Rico has faced enormous issues because of climate issues and it's time to help.

Let's remember that Puerto Rico is administrated by the USA, but nothing has been actually done to help.

what's happening in Puerto Rico
what has happened and what is happening
please help puerto rico carrd


a project to create a touristic complex is triggering the existance of the oldest Maya ruin city, the lives of the communities are in danger.

stop bill s3131


Jamaica, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, Bahamas and more countries are going through pretty intense situations that are usually forgotten. The Caribbean is a region that is formed by islands and coast in America, for years a really ignored area in the world, but now, it's time to help.

Thread of history and current situations in the Caribbean


Argentina is on the edge of economic crisis, they have not guaranteed the right of the land for native communities, deforestation is also a huge issue, police brutality is also an issue

islas del Rosario
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